OrbitGTM Review – Top Features it Can Offer

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Powered by cutting-edge technology, OrbitGTM’s platform doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed on any device. To access it, traders are required to log onto the brokerage’s website, which gives them a great deal of flexibility. It enables them to use the software on any device that supports a web browser. You can use it on mobile devices as well, which leaves room for trading on the go, allowing traders to capture even the smallest market movements and turn it in their favor. As far as the user-interface is concerned, it has been designed to be intuitive and simple.

OrbitGTM Review

Online trading has seen a huge surge in its popularity over the years. There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world who have dived into this market to enjoy the benefits it has to offer. The foreign currency market has a trading volume that’s nearly $6 trillion and it is brimming with currency pairs to be traded. Moreover, it is certainly not the only option that traders can explore. There are other financial markets that also offer a load of opportunities, such as the stock market where you can trade shares of leading companies like Apple, Amazon.com, Facebook, Netflix, Coca Cola, indices like the FTSE 100, S&P 500, Nasdaq, precious metals like gold, platinum, silver and copper, commodities, such as coffee, corn, cocoa, wheat and natural energies like crude oil and natural gas.

Over the years, there have been changes in the trading market, along with additions that have given its popularity a solid boost. One of the biggest one that was made in the last decade is that of cryptocurrency, which has shaken the entire financial industry and has also had impact on other industries as well. The first cryptocurrency that was introduced in the market was Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto launched it in 2009, with the purpose of offering a peer-to-peer payment system to people.

In the initial days, response to Bitcoin had been a bit reserved due to its unregulated and decentralized nature. But, it didn’t take long for interest to pick up and now it has become a full-fledged market, with thousands of other cryptocurrencies also being introduced. Those who made early investments in Bitcoin were able to make millions when the market surged in 2017 due to which more people are now looking to make crypto investments, so they can also generate solid returns. But, how do you start crypto trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies is the same as trading other financial instruments in the market. You have to find a brokerage for it and a number of them have been established to help people in making their foray. In fact, you can also find those that are offering a range of assets to trade, which also include cryptocurrencies. While you will have plenty of choices at your disposal, it is necessary that you pick the right broker for you. Traders need to remember that no two companies are the same, which means that a company that’s good for some, may not give you the same experience.

As there are plenty of trading services in the market, it can become quite overwhelming for traders when they try to compare the options. Most people don’t know what to prioritize and what to look for in order to choose a platform that will suit them. In addition, caution needs to be exercised because not all of the companies are fully legitimate and can be relied upon. The trading markets also have their fair share of scams and fraudulent platforms, which means you have to be extremely careful in order to ensure you are not entrapped by one.

But, the question is how do you do it? Even these shady platforms are quite well-designed and appear to be quite sophisticated at first glance, which can make it immensely difficult for traders to identify the right one. If you want to ascertain the legitimacy and authenticity of a brokerage, then it is best to know what features it offers because this can help you finding the answer. If their policies or services seem to have any loopholes, you can be warned and not opt for them. In this way, you will be able to find the right answer.

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Amongst the options at your disposal is OrbitGTM, a brokerage that was launched in the market in 2016 by a group of people who had trading experience under their belt. They used their inside knowledge and understanding to create the platform and incorporated the features they believe are required for a good trading experience. Within a short span of time, it has garnered a lot of attention and is offering its services to traders around the globe, no matter what level they might be. Regardless, you need to assess its features before you opt for their services.

So, what are the top features of OrbitGTM? You can find out below:

Broker OrbitGTM
Website https://orbitgtm.com
Trading Accounts 6 Account Types; Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, PRO and VIP.
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Coverage Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices and Cryptocurrencies
Trading Tools Live Charts, Economic Calendar, Risk Management Tools, Price Alerts and Trading Signals
Education and Training Yes; free market research, Trading Academy, Webinars, Tutorials, E-books, Sessions with Market Analyst
Customer Support 24/6 through live chat, online contact form, email and phone number
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Parent Company OrbitGTM

Feature 1: It is a regulated brokerage

Regulation is the first thing that you should look into when you are searching for a broker because one that’s regulated is certainly not going to be a scam. Unregulated companies are not monitored by any third party and they make their own rules, which means there is more room for scams and exploitation, something that doesn’t happen with regulated ones. With regulated ones, you can rest assured that you can have a safe environment for trading and will not have to worry about any kind of exploitation because they are monitored by a reputable regulatory authority and have to follow the rules that have been established by them.

When it comes to OrbitGTM, you will find that it is actually a regulated brokerage and can offer its trading services all around the world. The best part is that you don’t have to take their word for it when they claim to be regulated and can follow up and check their certificate. It is available on their website for traders to view it and reassure themselves because some companies do claim to be regulated, but don’t have the proper certification, which means it is just a lie to attract attention and clients. But this is not the case with OrbitGTM because this firm is regulated, so their accounts are audited regularly, their trading operations are also monitored and they follow the proper standards and rules in their policies.

You will come to see that they are open and fair in their policies, which include their trading conditions and the costs associated with trading. Also, since OrbitGTM is a regulated broker, the authority will step it to mediate and settle any dispute that traders may have with the company, if any. This can certainly provide you with peace of mind because you know that the company will not just up and disappear overnight with your investment.

Feature 2: It provides an array of crypto options

Before choosing any broker, it is a must to take a look at their asset index to see what kind of opportunities will be available to you. The trading instruments provided to you can determine the kind of profits you make in the long-term. If the options are not profitable, then you will not be able to achieve the kind of returns you are after. As far as cryptocurrencies are concerned, one of the biggest issues is that most of the brokers out there offer limited choices. The crypto market has expanded over the years and there are numerous profitable choices available that you want to take advantage of.

Even if you are going to start with just one option and then spread out your investment into others in order to diversify, you want to find a brokerage that gives you the right options. OrbitGTM can be a good fit here because they have put together an array of crypto options for their clients. They are fully aware that there are more than 5,000 crypto options in the market and that traders are interested in trying out some new ones, hoping to discover the next Bitcoin. However, as not all options are reliable, OrbitGTM takes it upon itself to do some research into a cryptocurrency before adding it to their asset index.

In order to ensure that they are not adding a crypto that could be a Ponzi scheme or may not last long in the market, they dig deep and then make their decision. At OrbitGTM, you will be able to trade the top crypto options, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, but this is not where the options stop, as you will also find other choices like DASH, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, NEO and Monero. You will be able to maximize your investment by choosing a combination of cryptocurrencies and it can also help you in minimizing your risks because losses in one can be offset by profits in another. You can explore the options in accordance with your risk appetite.

Feature 3: It offers a flexible trading platform

If you don’t already know this, then you need to understand that the trading platform offered by a broker is its most crucial feature. It is the software that is used for trading and is equipped with features and tools that can be used during the trading process. An important thing to bear in mind is that every company will offer you a different platform, so it is best to know what kind of platform you will have at your disposal when you sign up with a broker. This is to ensure that the platform is not too difficult for you to use and has everything that you might require. If the trading platform is not functional and lacks tools, then it can result in a disappointing trading experience.

You need to know what OrbitGTM is offering in terms of the trading software. As it was established by former traders, they have come up with a proprietary trading platform that simplifies the trading process for everyone, from beginners to experts, and gives them access to features they may need during trading. You will come across a web trading platform here, which doesn’t come with any complex features or navigation. Instead, it delivers a smooth trading experience without any lags or delays in transactions, as you can enjoy superior and fast trade execution.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, OrbitGTM’s platform doesn’t have to be downloaded or installed on any device. To access it, traders are required to log onto the brokerage’s website, which gives them a great deal of flexibility. It enables them to use the software on any device that supports a web browser. You can use it on mobile devices as well, which leaves room for trading on the go, allowing traders to capture even the smallest market movements and turn it in their favor. As far as the user-interface is concerned, it has been designed to be intuitive and simple.

This ensures that every trader, whether they are new in the market or have experience under their belt, will be able to navigate the platform without worrying about a learning curve. OrbitGTM has also added a range of trading tools to improve the functionality of the platform, which include one-click trading, the latest market news and trends, advanced charts and price alerts. There are also trading indicators and market analysis that traders can use for making their decisions. Since it is a web trading platform, it doesn’t depend on your device’s performance and can function independently and seamlessly.

In addition, you don’t have to install any updates or worry about its security because it is the responsibility of OrbitGTM to maintain and update it. It enables you to trade multiple assets simultaneously, leading to a solid trading experience for every trader.

Feature 4: It offers different trading plans

No matter what broker you opt for, registering with them is a necessary step because you also have to choose a trading plan. Most companies provide their clients with multiple plans, each of which are developed for a different kind of trader. After all, everyone has different preferences and requirements, so they keep those in mind when developing these plans. Most services come with three to four options for their clients, but OrbitGTM has chosen to be more diverse. They offer six trading plans, each of which boast a different set of features for a specific category of trader.

You can register quickly with OrbitGTM, as they only ask you to fill out a single form on their website. It doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get it done and then you can immediately switch to the trading plans and decide which one to opt for. Check out the choices below:


The first trading plan that OrbitGTM has added on its platform is called Basic and it comes with simple features for catering to novice traders. You have to deposit a minimum of $250 for this plan, which is not very high, making it a good option for newbies. Traders can get access to features, such as access to educational resources, price alerts, customer support 24/6, daily market review and PRO webinars. You are also given a 30% welcome bonus.


The next trading plan that you will find is known as Beginner and it is obvious what kind of trader it is for. This plan has a higher deposit requirement of $10,000 and along with features of the Basic plan, it does offer some additions to you. First off, your welcome bonus is increased to 40% and secondly, you also get a junior account manager to help you manage your trades.


Now comes the third trading plan that’s available on OrbitGTM and this one is for traders who move up the beginner level and have reached the intermediate one. Therefore, they can deposit the minimum $25,000 that has been set as the requirement for this plan. Traders receive a higher welcome bonus of 60% here and as they are bound to have a greater trading volume, they get a senior account manager for guiding and assisting them.


In order to facilitate skilled and advanced traders, OrbitGTM has come up with this particular trading plan and the minimum deposit has been set at $50,000. The traders are provided a higher welcome bonus of around 70% as an incentive and they also receive the services of a VIP account manager to help them in manage their trading portfolio.


For professional traders, there is a trading plan on OrbitGTM known as Pro and they have to deposit at least $100,000 for this one. Their welcome bonus will now be 80% and they will be able to use every feature in the aforementioned trading plans.


This is the last trading plan that you will find and it should be noted that traders cannot just sign up for this one. This is due to the fact that it is available to traders who are able to meet a certain criteria. If you want to know what that is, you can talk to your account manager and they will be able to guide you about what you need to do in order to fulfill the requirements.

Feature 5: It offers extensive educational resources

You are aware that there are millions of people who are entering the trading markets in order to make profits. While there are a number of success stories to be found, you will also discover that there is a higher number of failures. Many traders are not able to survive in the market for long because they suffer hefty losses. Sure, losses are part of the trading process, but some people have their entire capital wiped out. Why does this happen? This usually occurs because traders are not very familiar with how the markets work or don’t use the appropriate strategies.

In order to ensure it doesn’t happen to you, it is necessary to polish your trading skills and knowledge and to do this, you have to have access to educational resources. The ones you find on the internet may not be up to date, reliable or accurate. Therefore, OrbitGTM has put together an education section on their website, where they offer their clients with extensive learning resources that can be immensely helpful. You can find different formats available, such as e-books, tutorials, videos, guides and online courses. As a matter of fact, they also give you access to PRO webinars conducted by market experts, which can offer a lot of insight into the world of trading.

These educational resources over different aspects of the financial market and trading that can help traders in improving their understanding and making better decisions that work in their favor.

Feature 6: It provides 24/6 customer support

As traders may encounter technical problems or other issues during the course of trading, brokers have to add customer support options. OrbitGTM has also done the same, but it has offered robust options and their team is available 24/6 for their clients’ convenience. They have an FAQ section where they provide answers to any questions their clients may have. If you don’t find your answers there, you can reach out to their representatives for a proper response.

How can you do that? You will discover that several options have been provided in this regard. First off, there is an online contact form that you can fill out with your problem and send it in. If not, you can give the agents of OrbitGTM a call on the phone number provided or send them an email. They are responsive and will help in resolving your problem as quickly as possible. Most importantly, they have also added the live chat option for offering quick and instant support to traders when required.

Getting access to such features at OrbitGTM is very reassuring for traders because it tells them that the broker is fully capable of providing them with an optimal trading environment.